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Written by Phung sam

Core Value 

August 18, 2015

Over the last 25 years that we have been in business, we at Hanfimex have competed and won on the strength of our intangible assets. Our people are our greatest intangible assets. ​

We have attracted leaders who have grown and developed an extraordinary combination of attributes including vision, passion, inventiveness, entrepreneurism, commitment and focused drive to make us a global leader in the supply chain management of agricultural commodities. It is our people who have contributed to building our culture into what it is today. This culture acts as a glue and serves as a unifying force for our many business units around the world. It is our people who are going to be the architects of our future.

At Hanfimex , we are builders – we build businesses, we build capabilities and we build leaders. We hire exceptional people and provide them great opportunities to build their capabilities and their careers across multiple businesses, geographies and functions.

In the ultimate analysis, our people and the organisational advantage that they create for us, is our true sustainable competitive advantage. We take this culture and make it fungible across product, geography and functional boundaries serving as a capability predator that helps us enter new products and regions and win.

We take pride in adhering to its principles and above all, live these values and implement them with both conviction and enthusiasm. These values come alive not only in training programs or in discussion with colleagues, but mainly by taking concrete action in the workplace. These values are applicable everywhere and at all times across the organisation and are a tangible expression of our corporate culture, at the heart of our success going forward.


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