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" For A Healthy Food Chain "

Fresh Farm

"Common foods and spices created uncommonly well."

Sam Phung – Chairman

Hanfimex farm

A healthy food on the table is found only when, the whole natural resources its reflection through quality of products from the ground.”

Sam Phung – Chairman

Fresh Farm

Fresh farm

Aiming to build a sustainability ecosystem 6F Concept from Fresh Farm, we understand that natural sources as soil, water, seed and fertilizer can play an important role as steward of agriculture production. Throughout the last years we centered on sustainability development as:


Promoting the sustainable use of raw materials.


Ameliorate the natural resources: water, soil.


Introduce guidelines for continuously improving the agriculture production.


Updating and applicating technologies advance after harvest.

Thus, we built our factories which are located in the raw material areas, the cassia factory is in 500 hectares organic cassia in Yen Bai Province and the cashew nuts factory located in 1000 hectares organic cashew trees in Binh Phuoc Province, capital of cashew trees in Vietnam.

We work closely together with 2000-3000 progressive farmers, also make progress with our environment management, the harvest processes and the agriculture production.

In agriculture, we promote the farmers strive to:


Protect clean water.

Select high yielding varieties.

Improve soil properties for next generation.

Use organic matter to growth of microorganism in soil.

Hanfimex’s mission ‘’For a healthy food chain’’ commitments creating values from green agricultural products and feed the safety foods from Farm to Table of 9 billion people by 2050.