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" For A Healthy Food Chain "

Our Responsibility

"Whatever happens, we take responsibility."

Sam Phung – Chairman

Hanfimex responsibilities 


Customer responsibility 

Our responsibility towards its customers is manifested in our efforts to guarantee the quality of products and to raise our quality of service due to meet the expectation of consumers. Our focus lies on:
• Business ethics
• Product quality & safety
• Excellent service
• Transparent information and communication.


Social responsibility

We centered on the Fairtrade principles as:
• No child labor, no forced labor, gender equity
• Fair payment
• Good benefit for farmers
• Opportunities for disadvantaged partners or win-win solution
Those are the prerequisites of sustainable development. We strengthen our bonds with farmers, partners also through donations or investments to help small-scale farmers and workers create greater value through committed long-term relationships with our company.


Environmental responsibility

We are one of organizations in our sector has a high priority for environment. In agriculture, we promote the farmers strive to:
• Protect clean water
• Select high yielding varieties
• Improve soil properties for next generation
• Use organic matter to growth of microorganism in soil
At Hanfimex factories, we minimize their impact on the environment by:
• Energy efficiency management
• Reduce CO2 emissions
• Maximize the use of raw materials from sustainable sources


Employee responsibility

We are people-centered company. Happy employees make happy customers. When the employees are able to deliver excellent service, their customers will feel their needs are being met. Nothing works in isolation.
• Improving skills
• Physical training, Good working conditions 
• Continuing personal development
• Consulting with supervisor or department head 
Therefore, our employees could be able to adapt the customer demands and promote the quality customer services.