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" For A Healthy Food Chain "

CEO Spotlights

We set our top priorities over 4 issues: Food Quality and Safety, People, Environment-related issues (land, water, climate change) and Livelihoods. With the priorities, we have allocated our resources effectively across the whole agri-value chain to create the best values.

In fact, food quality and safety is our top priority which comes before price and on-time delivery. Product Responsibility Performance Indicators address the elements of  an organization’s products and services that directly affect customers: health and safety.  For people we attempt to create an open environment in which they feel open to share their ideas. We make our best effort to improve farmers’ living standard and this is the reason why they stay with us.

Also, we recognized that developing with the environment preservation would be a core component of our future success. We built a plan to improve our systems and processes to save energy and water as well as packaging and waste reduction. we always take into account the communities, people and ecosystems local to our operations when we make our decisions.

We understand that with the right priorities, we definitely obtain long term success, have sustainable supply and build a loyal network of customers.

Phung Sam – Chairman