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YEAR END PARTY 2023 | HANFIMEX Binh Phuoc Branch

Written by SOFIA TRAN

JANUARY 27, 2024

The 2023 year-end party at the Binh Phuoc Branch of Vietnam Hanfimex Group was held in a warm and intimate atmosphere on January 27th.


Present at the event were the Hanfimex Board of Dirrector (BOD), esteemed partners, customers, and all staff of Binh Phuoc branch. On this occasion, Mr. Phung Van Sam – CEO of Hanfimex Group, on behalf of the BOD, extended heartfelt gratitude to all esteemed partners and customers who have been alongside Hanfimex throughout the challenging year of 2023. He expressed highly appreciation to all employees of the company for their dedication and hard work over the past year, striving to deliver valuable products and services that satisfy customers both domestically and internationally. 


Moreover, the company also organizes award activities to recognize individuals and teams with outstanding work achievements, acknowledging their contributions in the past year and encouraging a continued spirit of excellence in the upcoming year


In 2024, Hanfimex Group will continue to uphold the spirit of unity, efficiency in production and operations, and flexibly adapt to market changes to provide customers with high-quality standard products. This commitment contributes to affirming the position of Vietnamese agricultural products in the international market


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