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HANFIMEX GROUP | The 12th Vinacas Golden Cashew
Rendezvous – Vietnam

Written by SOFIA TRAN

Mar 10, 2023

On February 26-28, the 12th Vietnam International Conference was held in Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of 350 delegates from more than 40 countries and territories in the world in the field of raw cashew production and trading in raw cashew imports. This event is part of the National Program on Trade Promotion in 2023.

The event is organized to promote the brand of “Cashews of Vietnam”, boost export and consumption to build and consolidate sustainable and long-term relationships among businesses and Vietnam Cashew Associations in the world.

At the conference, Mr. Phung Van Sam – CEO of Hanfimex Group participated in a discussion about the recent situation of cashew nut production and export with some experts and representatives of large domestic and international enterprises in the cashew industry such as Long Son Co., Olam International,…

The representative of Hanfimex Group shared about the difficulties of the cashew market recently: “The price of raw materials is currently too high, large manufacturers like us are producing and exporting cashew kernels at a lower price than the price of cashew nuts raw materials, it is estimated to cover a loss of 200 USD/TON”.

Besides, Mr. Sam also shared the fact that many customers have complained about the poor quality of many small exporters in the past 2 years. These small businesses competed by lowering the selling price of their products which affected the overall reputation of the cashew processing and exporting industry in Vietnam. Mr. Sam expressed his wish that manufacturers need to ensure good product quality so that the Vietnamese cashew industry could accomplish the mission of “Think about Cashew, Think about Vietnam”, and he also gave advice to customers to carefully check the manufacturer’s information and reputation of exporters before buying to avoid damage.

According to Mr. Pham Van Cong – President of Vietnam Cashew Association, entering 2023, although the global agricultural market is expected to have a great demand for food, the expansion of the export market parallel with paying attention to the domestic market will be the basis for Vietnam’s agricultural sector towards the goal of exporting agriculture-forestry-sausage 54 billion USD in 2023 (up 780 million USD compared to 2022).

However, according to the Vinacas Information Council, as of the last month of 2022 and 2023, production activities as well as the global cashew supply chain continued to face many difficulties. The growth of the cashew industry will be significantly affected by the demand for global cashew consumption continues to be gloomy; The world’s raw material market will face many challenges.

The leading businesses in Vietnam and the community of exporters, traders in raw materials, importers, distributors, frying, packaging, and retailing international cashew nuts companies have brought to delegates information, analysis, evaluation, judgment, and solutions, initiatives to help Vietnam and the world develop stable and sustainable in the coming time. Because the common goal is solidarity, unanimity, sharing, helping, and bringing stability, fairness, and prosperity to all global businesses.


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