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Written by BRIAN

Nov 16, 2022

Importance of Vietnam International Pepper Outlook 2022 (VIPO 2022).


There have been enormous difficulties in the general economy due to unexpected events on a global scale such as the Covid-19 Pandemic, Economic Recession,… Regardless of the challenging context, Vietnamese pepper products have demonstrated potential capacity through strong growth in recent years. 


With the goal of promoting Vietnamese pepper product development to reach the world, Vietnam International Pepper Outlook (VIPO) is a significant event offering opportunities for meetings, communication, discussion, sharing of information, and cooperation in the Pepper business. Following the success of the first time held in 2018, the Vietnam International Pepper Outlook 2022 welcomed and closely connected more than 200 participants who are farmers, retailers, exporters, importers, ministers, financiers, NGOs, etc involved in the Pepper and Spices Industry. 


The Vietnam International Pepper Outlook 2022 focuses on assessing the world supply and demand circumstances and updating information on the quality criteria of several import markets, production and consumption trends, as well as the prospects of the Vietnam pepper industry in the near future.

Hanfimex attends the Vietnam International Pepper Outlook (VIPO 2022)

With the aspiration to develop Vietnam’s agricultural production industry, Hanfimex has gone along with the VIPO 2022 as a gold sponsor. Mr. Phung Van Sam on behalf of Hanfimex presented awards to typical farmer households and cooperatives in their efforts to develop Vietnamese pepper on the day of the event. 

Moreover, Hanfimex has advocated for farmers and cooperatives in introducing high-quality Vietnamese pepper products to guests and friends worldwide. This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in Vietnam pepper producers to scale up trading and production. 

Hanfimex Group believes that Vietnam’s pepper production industry is rapidly developing and becoming one of the spearheading economic sectors in Vietnam. Hanfimex Group as well as other Vietnam-dedicated businesses will always promote domestic agricultural products in the way of development.


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