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HANFIMEX’s 6F Concept

HANFIMEX’s 6F Concept

Written by Milcah Tran

HANFIMEX’s 6F Concept: The key for sustainable development

March 12, 2022

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hanfimex Group also faces many difficulties and challenges. However, with the orientation according to “6F Concept: Fresh Farm – Fair Factory – Fine Food” and the pioneering ambition with the investment strategy – sustainable development, we believe that Hanfimex Group will always maintain its position as one of the leading exporters of agricultural products in Vietnam; contributing to raising the value of Vietnamese agricultural products on the international market, promoting sustainable socio-economic development.

Hanfimex Group always ensures safe production in terms of working environment, natural environment and does not disrupt the environment, and at the same time commits to organic production, ensuring the safety of water, soil, and environment.


   Fresh Farm:
  Is an agricultural production management system that avoids the use of fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, minimizes air, soil, and water pollution, optimizes the health and efficiency of interdependent communities. between plants, animals, and humans.

  Hanfimex owns an organic material area of ​​more than 1,500 hectares and always accompanies farmers in applying modern techniques to farming and taking care of crops in the direction of sustainable development for each material area.

   Fair Factory:

     The factory is built on the necessary basic standards:

        – Product quality assurance;
        – Ensure the safety of the natural environment;
        – Ensure safe working environment

   Hanfimex Binh Phuoc factory has closed production from peeling to packaging. Bringing the most modern European technology into production, creating a value-added chain of the cashew industry, improving the quality of cashews with the most rigorous quality standards of customers in the world. Hanfimex has obtained quality certificates such as BRC class A; Certification of the organic material area; Other certifications such as Kosher, HACCP, ISO for export to Europe, America, Japan, Korea…

   Fine Food

    Fine Food is clean and safe food, retains its nutrient content, is processed to ensure food hygiene and safety, does not contain chemicals, does not cause poisoning or harm to users.

   Hanfimex products are always produced according to the supply chain from the selection of raw materials from the clean raw material area, through the closed processing processes with high technology. Thereby ensuring that the output product always retains the nutrients, hygiene, and deliciousness of each product.


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