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Pepper industry market

Written by Daniel

Pepper Industry Market in December of 2021

December 31, 2021

According to statistics of the General Department of Vietnam Customs, in November, Vietnam exported 22,930 tons of all kinds of pepper, the export turnover reached 60.48 million USD. Compared to the previous month, the export volume increased by 5.9%, turnover increased by 12.5%. By the end of November, Vietnam has exported 264,636 tons of all kinds of pepper, the total export turnover reached 603.4 million USD. Compared to the same period in 2019, the export volume decreased by 1.1%, the turnover decreased by 10.5%.

The main export markets of Vietnam are the US, China, Europe, the Middle East, and India.

US Market: Vietnam exported to the US in November 2020 to reach 3,973 tons of all kinds of pepper, valued at 11,083,112 USD. Thus, when compared with the previous month, we have a decrease of 752 tons in volume, or a decrease of 15.92%; and a decrease of $ 921,331 in value, or a decrease of 7.67%.

European Market: The European market imported from Vietnam 3,552 tons of all kinds of pepper, valued at 10,635,876 USD. The main countries importing pepper fare Germany, Russia, Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Ukraine …

China Market: Vietnam exported to China 7,215 tons of all kinds of pepper, equivalent to 16,908,321USD. Compared to the previous month, China has increased from 4,396 tons to 7,215 tons, equivalent to an increase of 64.13%.

Middle East Market: The Middle East market imported 2,539 tons of all kinds of pepper from Vietnam in November 2020, valued at USD 6,726,036. The UAE, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iran are the five main countries importing pepper from Vietnam in November 2020 with 1191 tons, 356 tons, 3240 tons, 270 tons, and 229 tons, respectively.

India has imported 679 tons in November 2020.

Africa&Others have imported pepper from Vietnam up to 4,972 tons, equivalent to 13,343,154 USD.

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