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Domestic Cashew Market

Domestic cashew market

Written by VnExpress

Cashew Nuts Labeled ‘Binh Phuoc’ Are Super Cheap

January 10, 2020

Cashew nuts labeled “Binh Phuoc” are sold online for VND 35,000-63,000 per kg, as cheap as 1/5 of ordinary goods. Selling thousands of boxes of cashews at cheap prices, Ms. Lan in Thu Duc district (Ho Chi Minh City) said that within one day, she sold hundreds of boxes. Currently, she has many types, including the cheapest broken nuts, only VND 100,000 6 boxes weighing 3 kg. With whole nuts, roasted with salt or garlic butter, chili garlic costs VND 100,000 4 boxes, weighing 1.6 kg, ie each kg is only VND 63,000. This price is equal to 1/5 of the cashew nut prices of domestic enterprises.

About quality, Ms. Lan affirmed that this is Binh Phuoc cashew, the standard quality. The cheap price is due to the Covid-19 that reduces purchasing power and reduces the price by nearly 40%. According to Lan, before that she sold this cashew for VND 100,000 per kg.

Also introduced Binh Phuoc Cashew which is considered the “capital” of Vietnamese cashew nuts, Ms. Hang said, because Tet is coming, she discharges goods at low prices. “I do wholesale, only VND 80,000 per kg of cashew nuts, garlic butter, garlic chili or roasted with salt. This cashew is processed so it will last long time. Guests can even eat until Tet,” Ms. Hang said.

While the above people confirmed that they sell Binh Phuoc cashew, Mr. Thao – specializing in seasonal cashew business in District 12 (Ho Chi Minh City) speculated, the cheap nuts is mostly imported from Cambodia.

According to him, with small nuts, most of them are waste products used to feed animal. Many people process them and sell them at low prices. “Every year I import Cambodian goods to sell on Tet Holiday. The goods of this country are 20% cheaper than Vietnamese ones but the quality is not equal. Quality products, the price is up to VND 150,000/kg,” Thao said. 

According to the verification of Binh Phuoc Cashew Association, the types of super cheap cashew mentioned above do not originate from this province but are imported from the old crop of poor quality.

“Products with a lot of nuts are defected, wrinkled, moldy, there are no typical flavors of cashew nuts, so it will affect the health of consumers” Binh Phuoc Cashew Association warns. In addition, this Association said that, through verification, products sold online have almost no label, no specific information, no expiry date, no person responsible for quality and safety with consumers.

Speaking to VnExpress, Ms. Dao Thi Lanh, Chairman of Binh Phuoc Cashew Association, said that after getting the information, at the end of August, the Association sent a document to the Binh Phuoc Provincial People’s Committee and relevant authorities to aim at rectifying the sale of poor quality goods, affecting the health of consumers and the brand of Binh Phuoc cashew nuts.

In which, she said that the Association had petitioned the Department of Information and Communication to coordinate with the Department of Science and Technology to organize and inspect the counterfeit cashew business units of Binh Phuoc origin. The Department of Industry and Trade directs specialized units to strictly manage the cashew market in the province, strictly handling organizations and individuals trading in unlabeled products.

According to Ms. Lanh, the situation of poor quality cashew nuts spilled into the domestic market only recently appeared when the online business developed. The low-priced goods are mostly low-end goods, discarded goods, and the export price is from 7,000-12,000 VND / kg. This type used to be mainly sold for animal feed, now there are a number of collectors for processing and selling to end users. Currently, Binh Phuoc cashew nut prices are retail businesses at 250,000-350,000 VND / kg depending on type.

Ms. Lanh advises, consumers should choose products with clear and full labels from registered businesses. With Binh Phuoc cashew nut product with protected geographical indication, 7 businesses are granted the right to use, consumers can buy from these businesses.


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