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Sial Paris 2018

Sial Paris event 2018

Written by Harley Trinh

Sial Paris 2018 – Inspire Food Business 

November 01, 2018

From 21th-25th October., 2018, Vietnam Hanfimex Corporation was honored as one of the few representative brands of Vietnam participating in the Sial Paris International food industry fair in France.

Sial Paris is the international food Industry Fair held annually in Paris Nord Villepinte, France is one of the world’s largest and prestige fairs in the field of food and beverages. With a total surface area of 250,000 m2, each of the fairs attracted about 6,500 enterprises to showcase from more than 100 countries around the world, welcoming more than 155,000 visitors from over 190 countries around the world to visit and work in the fair.

This year, of 7200 enterprises from 119 countries in the world, there are 22 Vietnamese enterprises in the fields of agricultural products and food processing. With target:

– Promote national image, corporate image, Vietnamese brand;

– Enhance export of food items in Vietnam has the strength and ability to develop export to the EU market;

– Promote the food consumption network in the world market.

Hanfimex Vietnam commits to bringing quality items such as cashew nuts, pepper, coffee, coconut rice, cinnamon, anise, rice, tapioca starch, turmeric starch, canned fruit ,… along with beautiful, impressive packaging, promises to attract more visitors at the fair.

Sial Paris 2018 is an opportunity for Hanfimex Vietnam to promote the promotion and introduction of products directly to foreign enterprises, and also the opportunity to search and develop the worldwide client network.


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